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Honorable Appellate Justice Halim Dhanidina (retired)
Honorable Sam Ohta Supervising Judge, Los Angeles Superior Court, Criminal Division
Honorable Maria L. Armendariz
Honorable Monica Bachner
Honorable Neetu S. Badhan-Smith
Honorable Terry A. Bork
Honorable Amy N. Carter
Honorable Tony Cho
Honorable Joan M. Chrostek
Honorable Robert G. Chu
Honorable Ronald S. Coen
Honorable Sean D. Coen
Honorable Alfred A. Coletta
Honorable Pat Connolly
Honorable Shannon K. Cooley
Honorable Andrew E. Cooper
Honorable Alison M. Estrada
Honorable Larry Paul Fidler
Honorable Christopher J. Frisco
Honorable Kenneth M. Fuller
Honorable David B. Gelfound
Honorable Danielle R.A. Gibbons
Honorable Danette J. Gomez
Honorable Hector E. Gutierrez
Honorable Mark Hanasono
Honorable Warren Kato
Honorable Kelly M. Kelley
Honorable Andrew C. Kim
Honorable Lana S. Kim
Honorable Shannon Knight
Honorable George G. Lomeli
Honorable John J. Lonergan
Honorable John D. Lord
Honorable Teresa P. Magno
Honorable Peter J. Mirich
Honorable Adan Montalban
Honorable Russell L. Moore
Honorable Carol J. Najera
Honorable Reginald L. Neal
Honorable Ricardo R. Ocampo
Honorable Charlaine F. Olmedo
Honorable Lynn D. Olson
Honorable Tomson T. Ong
Honorable Benny Osorio (retired)
Honorable Ann H. Park
Honorable Joseph R. Porras
Honorable Sherry Powell
Honorable Julian C. Recana
Honorable David K. Reinert
Honorable Jesse Rodriguez
Honorable Olivia Rosales
Honorable Tammy Chung Ryu
Honorable Wendy Segall
Honorable Norm Shapiro
Honorable Michael J. Shultz
Honorable Emily T. Spear
Honorable Gary Y. Tanaka
Honorable Susan J. Townsend
Honorable Robert C. Vanderet
Honorable Mary Lou Villar
Honorable David Walgren
Honorable Laura Walton
Honorable John C. Weller
Honorable Michael K. Wendler
Honorable Mark A. Young

Keith Koyano's professionalism, honesty, and integrity really make him stand out." 

– Steven Liner, Criminal Defense Attorney



Keith Koyano for

Los Angeles Superior
Court Judge 2022


Phone: 213-357-0983

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