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Over 50 judicial endorsements and counting!
Honorable Maria Lucy Armendariz
Honorable Mark S. Arnold
Honorable Neetu S. Badhan-Smith
Honorable Abby Baron 
Honorable David A. Berger
Honorable James Bianco
Honorable Maria R. Byrum
Honorable Terry A. Bork
Honorable Amy N. Carter
Honorable Robert G. Chu
​Honorable Joan M. Chrostek
Honorable Ronald S. Coen
Honorable Sean D. Coen
Honorable Alfred A. Coletta
Honorable Pat Connolly
Honorable Shannon K. Cooley
Honorable Andrew E. Cooper
Honorable Troy Davis
Honorable Larry Paul Fidler
Honorable Christopher J. Frisco
Honorable Danette J. Gomez
Honorable Liliana H. Gonzalez
Honorable Randolph M. Hammock 
Honorable Melissa R. Hammond
Honorable Mark Hanasono
Honorable Patrick Earl Hare
Honorable Warren Kato
Honorable Kelly M. Kelley
Honorable Ester P. Kim
Honorable Lana S. Kim
Honorable Shannon Knight
Honorable George G. Lomeli
Honorable John J. Longergan
Honorable Alison S. Matsumoto
Honorable Adan Montalban
Honorable Carol J. Najera
Honorable Reginald L. Neal
Honorable Sam Ohta
Honorable Lynn D. Olson
Honorable Joseph R. Porras
Honorable Sherry Powell
Honorable Julian C. Recana
Honorable Mel Red Recana
Honorable Olivia Rosales
Honorable Tammy Chung Ryu
Honorable Wendy Segall
Honorable Michael Shultz
Honorable Gary Y. Tanaka
Honorable Jon R. Takasugi
Honorable Robert C. Vanderet
Honorable Mary Lou Villar
Organizational and Professional Endorsements
Rachelle Arizmendi, California Department of Food and Agriculture
Association for Los Angeles Deputy District Attorneys
Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs
Mark Bledstein, Criminal Defense Attorney
Jessica Caloza, Commissioner, Board of Public Works, City of Los Angeles
Pat Carey, Criminal Defense Attorney
Peter Chan, Mayor/Council Member, City of Monterey Park (2013 - 2022)
Tasha Cerda, Mayor, City of Gardena
George Chen, Mayor, City of Torrance
Andrew Chou, Council Member, City of Diamond Bar
Steve Cooley, District Attorney, County of Los Angeles (2000 - 2012)
Robert Ernenwein, Criminal Defense Attorney
Anthony Falangetti, Criminal Defense Attorney
Gardena Police Officers' Association
Mark Haushalter, Criminal Defense Attorney
Marc Hentell, Deputy Public Defender (ret.)
Jennifer Horn, Host, AM 870 KRLA
Stephen Kahn, Criminal Defense Attorney
Jon Kaji, Council Member, City of Torrance
Adam Koppekin, Criminal Defense Attorney
Jackie Lacey, District Attorney, County of Los Angeles (2012 - 2020)
Latino Prosecutors Association
LGBTQ+ Prosecutors Association
Henry Lo, Council Member, City of Monterey Park
Local 12 - International Union of Operating Engineers
Michael Manuel, Deputy Alternate Public Defender
Carly Mashburn, Criminal Defense Attorney
Bruce McGregor, Criminal Defense Attorney
Metropolitan News Enterprise
Monterey Park Democratic Club
Michael Norris, Criminal Defense Attorney
North Valley Democratic Club
Ryan Okabe, Criminal Defense Attorney
Lisa Pease, Author
Matthew Rinaldi, Criminal Defense Attorney
SFVR Assembly
Santa Monica Police Officers' Association
SMRW Federated
Paul Seo, Councilmember, City of Rancho Palos Verdes
Rodney G. Tanaka, Council Member, City of Gardena
Thomas Wong, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Monterey Park
Mia Yamamoto, Criminal Defense Attorney
Dennis P. Zine, Council Member, City of Los Angeles (2001 - 2013)
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